Updating asp net

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We use safe collection of Select List Items that makes no calls to database.Also it doesn’t have any additional logic involved behind the scenes.

NET Core 1.1 is now available as a stable release on nuget.org!It uses these parameters to make safe updates to collection of business object. We need current event, tags collection and selected tags id-s to update tags collection of event. I was not hard to build extension methods to implement checkbox list functionality.We had to use base class to write generic extension methods that cover whole domain.Main problems with previous solution were the facts that generating list of items for checkbox list and making updates to changed collection later were not very well implemented and these implementations didn’t defined simple enough interface to use for front-end developers.In big picture our solution is simple (think that we create tag list for event): It is possible to go further and find the ways how to automate update process to move updating functionality to model binder by example but I don’t stop on tweaks like this here because I have no good idea right now if these tweaks make any good or are they just nice things that turn out to be too confusing for end users.

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