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She later graduated with a MA in Philosophy from Birkbeck University and is currently studying a Ph D in Gender Studies at Sussex University, titled 'Rethinking Misogyny: How Men Experience Women to have Power in Dating Relationships'.

Her films focus on women enjoying sex with women or men, sometimes both.

This undergraduate-level course is Please ask about these special rates: Teacher Rate: For some courses, special tuition rates are available for current, certified P-12 teachers and administrators.

Please speak with an Enrollment Representative today for more details.

This course focuses on a historical view of human development leading to the current life span approach to form an understanding of the developing individual, and it explores influences on human development, ranging from individual models to cross-cultural groups.

Emphasis is given to personality, social, intellectual, and physical development, and the major theories used to describe how people change throughout their life span.

Compared to humans, animals don't remember specific events, but instead tend to retain useful information that could help them survive.The survey did find attention spans are longer in situations which involve friends – and when enjoying a social engagement it can be 29 minutes before people reach for their phone.Others last around 24 minutes before their focus starts to wane when watching a film, and a good book can keep full concentration for 15 minutes.Phone calls to family members last just nine minutes before their loved ones will multi-task by doing other jobs around the house at the same time.And the mother-in-law can only command seven minutes of attention before her son or daughter-in-law tries to get her off the phone.

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