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In Final Fantasy XV, players can find areas called havens, indicated by tent icons on their maps, where they can rest and level up.Cosplayers and costume and prop designers Know One’s Designs, along with their friends from Frank and Nat’s Armory, decided to recreate this element of the game by taking their awesome costumes and setting up camp under the beautiful starry skies of Arizona.The tee shirts were removed, and no teen orgy ensued, just good Mormon kids having fun in the sun dressed appropriately for the occasion.I wanted to see how widespread these stricter guidelines were, so I conducted an informal poll. Only 17% said that they were told to just follow the guidelines in For the Strength of Youth.Marcel Proust said: “People wish to learn to swim and at the same time to keep one foot on the ground.” That seems an apt description of the Girls Camp and Youth Conference modesty guidelines for Young Women that have emerged in some wards and stakes.I have heard a few stories on the internet over the last few years about wards and stakes who have created increasingly onerous dress requirements for the YW, including at girls-only events like Girls Camp as well as Youth Conferences.While my own views about modesty guidelines are more relaxed than the average member, even the very orthodox members I know feel this is going too far. Adding heavy layers of jersey knit fabric while swimming is hazardous.Early swim costumes were woolen and “swimmers” didn’t so much swim as wade heavily around the shoreline with oversized beach balls (see picture).

We're told the women are STOKED -- not only because they're getting the best seats in the house for the fight, but they feel like they'll be showcased to a HUGE audience! Of those, 35.8% allowed only capris or longer, which is even more restrictive than garments.7.5% were in wards or stakes that fully outlawed anything shorter than pants for girls at Youth Conference or Girls Camp. Perhaps it is not surprising that 100% stated that bikinis were not allowed (which are also outlawed at BYU, although as I pointed out was not prohibited when I was a teen attending Girls Camp).However, when the Mormon kids showed up in their tee shirt-covered swimwear, the resort would not allow non-swimwear in the pool.In a Muslim country, birthplace of the Obedient Wives Club, we Mormons had out-Muslim’d them.

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