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I think I was just going on to , and she said You know, I think it's time to drop it,' and I said OK. I'll stop on it occasionally to see if she remotely recognizes her mother, but she hasn't.

Whatever you say.' It wasn't anything [big]. As a 2-year-old, she wants it right now and right that second. I think it was the last episode that we did, and it was kind of tying up the whole Saturday morning portion of the show.

I think people thought a lot more thought had been put into it and it hadn't. So it never stays on the show for more than a couple seconds. That was really fun, and it was kind of our last hurrah. I've stayed really close to Mark-Paul, and Elizabeth, I talk to all the time now. Tiffani: Well, you know what's so funny is that Mark-Paul and I started the show when were around 15 years old, and you don't really date until you're in your later teens.

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Glamour: If we were doing this in person, I'd probably ask you to sing the theme song with me. No one has really asked me to do that, but the closest we've ever come is with "Friends Forever". Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, is currently married with one child, and according to The funniest tweets of the week from celebs like Lena Dunham, Conan O' Brien and more! Sure, he got in a bit of hot water in 2004 - allegedly cheating on wife Ali Landry at his bachelor party (awkward!), leading to their wedding being annulled just two weeks later.Just a bit of warning, the plot line includes self-harm.(Max and one of my OC's are cutters.) Zack gasped, tossed his head back against the lockers and stuffed his hand in his mouth, biting down hard on the knuckles. - and the cast were barely even 21 themselves when the show wrapped.

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