Pelicula 127 horas subtitulada online dating

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The real disappointment here is how conventional the storytelling becomes and how little the two leads are challenged in anything other than the most obvious way.

The one surprise is that we don’t get to hear Celine Dion over the closing credits.

When she is hurt or in a coma, Dr Ben will look after her so attentively that she is always coaxed back to life.

On their epic journey down the mountain, they always seem to find romantic little caves or cabins where they can spend quality time together.

Director Abu-Asad shares her instincts, throwing in plenty of picturesque shots of the snow-covered mountain tops and the cobalt blue skies or the spectacular forests and waterfalls.

For almost the entire film, no one else other than Winslet and Elba (and the scene-stealing dog) is on screen.

This time, she’s in a plane crash in a remote wilderness somewhere on the way to Denver where her character, American photographer/journalist Alex Knox, is due to get married the next day.

At first, the doctor and the journalist are cooped up in the wrecked plane. Alongside the harshness of the battle for survival, there are fairy tale-like elements.

More than once, Alex is treated as a Sleeping Beauty-like figure.

Beyond the battle for survival, the filmmakers struggle to find much in the way of dramatic tension.

The more time the two main characters spend together, the more they begin to resemble an old married couple.

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