Matthew mcconaughey dating

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"Listen, I would say, ' Don't make it this hard. ' But you know what, girls and boys play games with each other—and it can be fun—but don't make it this hard!"What advice would Mc Conaughey give to his younger self? If you're only getting your gratification from what the result turns out to be, don't do it."It's that simple, but oh-so-true advice that rubbed off on Mc Conaughey's *Interstellar *costar (and 's November cover girl! Looking gorgeous in a bright yellow Riccardo Tisci gown, Chastain said that Mc Conaughey "teaches me to take it easy, and he's not even aware of it. You can't help but think, Life is great, when you're around him, and Let's just have a good time!“There’s a bit of a language barrier, but it’s like poetry when it happens,” Mc Conaughey told the Daily Mail of Cruz.

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Mc Conaughey's big break came in 1996, when he was cast in 'A Time to Kill' alongside Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Following this role, Mc Conaughey was given leading roles in 'Contact', 'Amistad' and 'EDtv'.“The first time I saw her walk across the room, I didn’t say, ‘Who is that? There’s a person who spends time with herself, and is not advertising for this world, and is not asking permission.” “From that night, I haven’t been on a date with anyone else,” he added.Alves, 33, had arrived to Los Angeles from Brazil at 14 and cleaned houses and worked as a waitress before becoming a successful model.Mc Conaughey's parents divorced and remarried a number of times, with their sons raised as Baptists.Mc Conaughey took part in a student exchange program while at school, and spent a year living in Gorokan, New South Wales, Australia.

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