How i met your mother s08e08 online dating

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Though he does not like her, he continues to date her because he does not want to be alone.He hosts his annual costume party for New Year's Eve in "The Justice League Recombination." In an attempt to replace Leonard, Howard and Raj as friends, Stuart is invited over by Sheldon in "The Toast Derivation", along with Barry Kripke and Zack Johnson.With Raj as his partner, they reach the final match against Stuart and Wil.Sheldon can easily win, but Wil lies, claiming his grandmother's death prevented him from appearing at said convention, which tugs at Sheldon's heart-strings.Stuart takes her home anyhow, understanding and accepting the situation.Sheldon tries to chitchat with Stuart when he needs someone to take him to the dentist in "The Friendship Contraction".Stuart starts bonding with his similarly lonely counterpart Raj at the start of Season 6, substituting for Howard when Howard has gone to space.He often seeks approval from Sheldon and his group.

He later gives Penny the address to Stan's house to make up for making Sheldon miss the signing in exchange for a date to his cousin's wedding.When Sheldon later learns that Amy and Stuart are out on a date, Sheldon becomes jealous and asks Penny to go out on a date.After talking to Penny, he interrupts Amy and Stuart on their date, and asks Amy to be his girlfriend, which she gladly accepts.Leonard deliberately avoids Stuart's request and ultimately gives him bad advice.The next day, Leonard feels guilty and goes to apologize to Stuart.

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