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Whatever your opinion of the overall whole (people seem to be divided between hating it or declaring it a masterpiece), I'd hope that most would have at least a glimmer of admiration for a writer-director going this 'all out'.Plaudits also go to the three leads -Carlos Areces, Antonio de la Torre, and Carolina Bang- the film wouldn't work if they weren't all committed to their roles, or if one performance overwhelmed the other two.Given that I don't live in Spain, I tend to see films when they're released on DVD; usually a year after their initial cinema release.

During this weekend were lovers of horror movies relish the better splatter and horror.

I will hopefully write something longer about it in the New Year (it has only been briefly covered in a Random Viewing post so far).

Not quite as batshit insane as the trailer makes out but nonetheless full of vivid imagery that scorches your retina and refuses to leave your mind (along with that song, which I have been humming ever since).

But Weekend Of Terror was also a haven for movie lovers who diligently in another Italian zombie fest collapsed, but it was also agreed that the work of David Cronenberg deserved serious attention.

With Cronenberg retrospective in 1984, the festival was ahead of its time, while with selections from the work of Lucio Fulci (1987) and Herschell Gordon Lewis (1991) prevailing views about quality were challenged.

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