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Jamaica's first national singing star, Wilfred ‘Jackie’ Edwards was not only one of the island most naturally gifted performers, but also a much beloved gentlemen, whose career spanned four memorable decades.Jimmy Riley's passing on 23rd March 2016 was not just a huge blow to his family, friends, but also all those whose lives have been enhanced by the wonderful music he helped create over the past five decades.

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Among these musical pioneers were Laurel Aitken, Owen Gray, Wilfred ‘Jackie’ Edwards and, of course, Derrick Morgan. After being instrumental in the development of ska, he supervised Bob Marley & the Wailers' first release and soon after arranged the first Jamaican hit to break internationally. During his astoundingly successful career, Gregory Isaacs' unmistakable tenor graced many hundreds of recordings, including some of the most romantic ballads and strident roots reggae ever created.

Anyone with more than a passing interest in reggae music knows and loves the Heptones for, as the foremost Jamaican vocal harmony trio ever, they unfailingly set the standards for everyone else to aspire to and to measure their own work by.

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